Pakistan's First TSP

TSP stands for Technical Service Provider. TSPs are Technical Individuals or consist of a Network of Technical Individuals who provide Technical Assistance and Services.

TSPs are individual Technicians, Engineers, Consultants, Businesses or Agencies certified by Experts to provide technical services.

TSP Individuals are usually Technical Degree or Diploma Holders. A TSP Company or a TSP Network consist of Professional Technicians, Engineers and Support Staff. They have both permanent or contract based Staff.

The option to hire a TSP was created earlier. Therefore, deciding between TSPs will likely be a new experience for you.

This article suggests some key points for you to consider when deciding who will provide your technical assistance, explains how you locate certiļ¬ed TSPs, and provides tips for hiring and working with a TSP.

TSPs may deliver assistance in a more timely fashion. Flexibility to select the Individual Providing Assistance. When selecting a TSP, you may be able to choose the individual, business, or agency providing assistance. TSPs are each legally responsible for the technical assistance they provide.

Paktron is Pakistan's first Technical Service Provider based in Rawalpindi / Islamabad and offers a wide range of technical services. PAKTRON is a network of Technical Experts.